Smart and responsible energy solutions for the next generation

We help commercial and municipal clients cut energy usage, costs and environmental impacts

At Creekwood, everything we do focuses on advancing our client's transition to a clean energy economy. We believe energy customers should be able to reduce environmental impacts while improving financial results. We do this by employing innovative technologies and strategies designed to optimize facility performance.

Creekwood can help your organization realize cost savings and improve environmental sustainability through smart energy management. Whatever your service or mission, smart energy management can help you do more while spending less.



De-regulation makes electric and natural gas supply (generation) just commodities; lowest price wins. Creekwood creates an apple-to-apples competitive bidding process resulting in lower prices for the client.


Demand Reduction

New technologies offer a dazzling array of energy efficient heating, cooling and illumination choices. Creekwood's process starts with an analysis of interval data to assess current usage patterns. This data can be modeled and analyzed to develop a matrix of energy savings measures.



On-site renewable energy technologies (solar/storage/CHP) may make sense at some facilities – depending on location and utility rates. On-site storage or generation using renewable energy technology can provide clients with energy revenue to offset energy expense and afford an opportunity to reduce carbon footprint. Creekwood helps match energy saving and generation opportunities and financing structures to an organization's specific goals and needs.

Our process


Data, Mapping, Modeling/design, Analyze

Creekwood's initial process is centered on data gathering, assessment, modeling and planning. Creekwood identifies and quantifies opportunities for improvement, quantifying likely costs and benefits; only recommending technologies and approaches that have been tested in the field with outcomes that are proven and quantifiable.


Budget, RFP/Bid, Project manage, Analyze

Once a specific course of action is authorized, Creekwood will assist with or (depending on the engagement) manage implementation. Creekwood can be retained to serve as your organization's advisor, advocate, or (if designated) representative in negotiations with vendors, contractors, and/or utilities.


Monitoring, Measurement, Reporting, Cont. improvement

Creekwood provides clients with ongoing support -- monitoring and measuring the results of changes and improvements. We continuously search for new ways to reduce waste, increase efficiency, and maximize cost-savings.

Our services

Our team


Ron DeLyons

Managing Principal/CEO of Creekwood Energy Partners, LLC

Mr. DeLyons serves as Managing Member and Chief Executive Officer of Creekwood Energy Partners, LLC. (a certified Minority Business Enterprise). Creekwood provides energy management and consulting services with a focus on renewable energy, energy efficiency advisory, and financing.

P. Wayne

P. Wayne Moore

CEO, Tychon Energy Systems; Advisory Board Member, Creekwood Energy Partners, LLC

Mr. Moore is the founder and Managing Partner of Tychon Energy Systems, LLC, a company that provides turnkey energy management solutions that reduce electricity costs while enhancing the reliability of the U.S. grid. Previously, he was with UCM, L.P. an investment firm. Mr. Moore founded Greystone Capital Management, Inc. in 1995 and was its President and CEO.


Robin Marc Shapiro

Executive Chair of Novation Ventures, LLC; Advisory Board Member, Creekwood Energy Partners, LLC

Mr. Shapiro is a co-founder and the Executive Chair of Novation Ventures, LLC. Through its operating subsidiaries, Novation buys, pools, and secures annuitized state lottery prizes and structured settlement cash flows. Since 2001, the company has acquired and securitized more than $1.2 billion in structured settlement, lottery prize, and annuity payments.


Frank Wood

CEO of Secret Communications, LLC; Advisory Board Member, Creekwood Energy Partners, LLC

Frank Wood is CEO of Secret Communications, LLC, a private venture capital company. Secret owned and operated twenty-two radio stations in nine major markets between 1991 and 1997. The primary portfolio of stations was sold in 1997, and the company has redeployed capital in a number of entrepreneurial businesses.

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